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MEN : Personal Trainer - Tyr Alexander, Tyler St.James

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Personal Trainer - Tyr Alexander, Tyler St.James
Tyler St. James has money problems; his parents recently passed away and left him a beautiful cabin in the woods, now the tax man is after him for the property transfer. Tyler would like nothing more than to keep this cabin so he has decided to offer personal training to make a little extra income. Tyler is looking forward to today, his very first appointment. Tyr Alexander is a hungry bottom, the day that he found out that the mass of muscle jogging down his street every day was offering personal traing and was desperate for cash he signed up. Tyr intention is less about jogging and more about gagging on his trainerís pole, not even five-minutes into the workout hes already asking for a more personal service. Tyler, always the gentlemen, kindly explains in his sexy accent that hes not that type of personal trainer and would like to get back to business, but Tyr doesnt stop his advances. Finally in a fit of emotion and anger Tyler snaps unleashing a hidden rage, Tyr may have gotten more than he planned for

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