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My Doctor Sucks - Scene 5

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My Doctor Sucks - Scene 5
Connor Kline reports to the doctors office complaining of lower back pain. When sexy Leo Domenico comes in to perform the exam Connors pain suddenly moves a little lower down to his big bubble-butt. Domenico lubes up his hands and probes Connors tight hole to gauge his patients comfort level. The deeper Domenico goes the better it feels which makes Connors cock get rock hard. Domenico finger-fucks Connor harder while sucking his giant balls and huge dick. While hes lying back on the exam table getting serviced Connor reaches into the nurses scrubs and pulls out Domenicos thick cock. Unable to resist the huge uncut monster, Connor hops down and swallows it whole. He wants to get the cock good and hard so he can take it up his ass. Connor bends over the exam table and opens his giant muscular ass to get pounded by some hot cock. Domenico pulls out but the appointment isnt over yet. Its time for Connor to pay his bill by kicking back so Head Nurse Domenico can hop on his big cock and ride him hard. Connor pulls out first to blow his load followed by the Domenico, who stands up and shoots an huge stream of cum across the exam room - Connor Kline, Leo Domenico

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