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CorbinFisher -Connor Feeds Brayden & Colt

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Connor Feeds Brayden & Colt
Youre likely aware Connor has been a part of CFs production crew for some time now, filming some of the hottest episodes that have been appearing on the site. I think Connors work at filming some hot action all built up to make this episode as hot as it is, though, as Connor wields a camera for some great POV footage as Brayden and Colt service him. Simply put - this episode is an instant CF classic and perfectly caps off our Kansas City Born & Bred Collection. Heck, not only is this episode the culmination of this hot collection but could very well be considered 10+ years of great CF action coming together in a single episode with these three incredibly hot guys. Connor holds nothing back as he takes charge of Colt and Brayden, turns them in to his hungry bottoms, fucks each of them mercilessly, and has them both almost fighting over his cock. He takes turns on Braydens and Colts holes, getting them each to blow huge loads as his cock pistons in and out of their asses. To really highlight just how in charge of it all Connor was, though, it definitely seemed that the only thing Brayden and Colt wanted more than blowing a load while Connor fucked them was eagerly being able to swallow up as much of Connors load as they could when it was his turn to cum.

Duration: 23m:49s
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