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Seancody : Daniel & Joey - Bareback

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Daniel & Joey - Bareback
The wild, sexy top Daniel meets the friendly, muscle bottom Joeythe combination was pretty incredible. Joey was looking for something dirtier this time around, and Daniel was up for the challenge. They wanted to get right down to business, so after they met and hung around for a bit, they went straight to it. Hey Daniel, do you know what Im excited about? Some rough sex! Joey expressed himself without hesitation. Oh dang dude, Im gonna rough you up! Daniels face lit up and grabbed Joeys face. Look at this beautiful face. Does that face look like a face that can take a cock? I think it does! Not only is it a face that can take a cock, it can also take a warm load! Daniel showered Joey's face with his cum, leaving Daniel drained and Joey satisfied!

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