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Andrew Justice & Leo Sweetwood

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Andrew Justice & Leo Sweetwood
In their lumberjack plaid pajamas, hot daddy Andrew Justice and young Leo Sweetwood are making out on the couch. Andrew tears the shirt off Leo and fastens his mouth onto Leo's nipples. Working his way south, Andrew captures Leo's rigid cock in his mouth. Andrew looks up a Leo and smiles as he tongues his balls, running his hands across Leo's barely furry torso. Leo pushes Andrew back on the couch and kisses him before he shows Andrew how he pleasures a man, taking deep gulps of Andrew's mushroom-headed cock. Embracing again, Andrew kneads the globes of Leo's butt, stabbing Leo's mouth with his tongue as a prelude to stabbing Leo's ass -- with both his tongue and his dick. Leo spreads his legs wide, giving full access to his tender hole, which Andrew spears in long, deft strokes. While getting fucked, Leo bites Andrew's wrist in the intensity of the fucking. Kissing deeply, they cum in streams that cover their torsos.

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