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STAXUS : Masterstroke - Scene 4

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Masterstroke - Scene 4
Saying Goodbye Proves Mega-Horny For These Flip-Flop Lovers! 2019 Sometimes the best sex in our lives occurs in the most undesirable of contexts after a bad argument, for example, or when someones having to leave for work commitments. Which is exactly the situation boyfriends Andy Watson and Joel Tamir find themselves in when the latter packs his suitcase to spend a fortnight away from home. Needless to say, both boys look as miserable as fuck at the prospect; but the parting session that ensues really is as hot as anything youre ever likely to see. Tamir, in particular, cant wait to get down on his knees to show what the fellow means to him; before Watson replicates the attention with an eager session of fellatio thats enough to get most viewers spurting there and then. Not that oral as pleasurable as it always is would ever truly satisfy this pairing; and its with renewed gusto that big-dicked Tamir finally turns his focus on Watsons hair-free pucker, first rimming it and then ramming it for all hes worth. An act that the horned-up bottom is soon longing to copy, as he bundles Tamir onto a fur rug and hammers merrily away to bring his boyfriend to a very sticky climax. Topped off nicely by Watson erupting as Tamir sucks his lover off!

Duration: 20m:26s

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