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FRESHMEN : Nate Donaghy & Liam Efron

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Nate Donaghy & Liam Efron
We depart our Hungarian hotties for some Czech cuties in our second scene this week featuring Liam Efron and Nate Donaghy. Liam, of all our models, has two traits that are ideal for a would-be porn-star: he is an exhibitionist and he is always horny. So, its not surprising that Nate catches him jerking off by himself in front of the camera. What is surprising is Liams willingness to let Nate take the lead, electing to sit back and enjoy whatever Nate wants to do to him. Perhaps he enjoys it too much as Liam- like Nino in the scene before this- cums earlier than expected. Is their inability to hold off a manifestation of how much they enjoy getting fucked? Or is it a testament to how good their partners are at topping? Were not sure.

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