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Cain Fucks Austin (2018)

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Starring: Cain, Austin
Title: ACM0909 - Cain Fucks Austin (2018)
Porn Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Gays, Anal, Student, Cum on Face
Duration: 00:22:01

Cain and Austin hang out for a little while, playing touch football and talking teams. Then, Cain takes the ball and heads for the house. Austin has no choice but to follow and see whatís going to happen next.
Inside, Austin talks about graduating from school and we discuss some of the educational benefits of CFU. Iíve been wanting to pair him up with Cain. They are similar in several ways. Great buff bodies, aggressive attitudes and high levels of sheer sexual enjoyment!
I tell Cain to relentlessly fuck the shit out of him Ö but in a loving and compassionate manner, of course. The guys kiss and quickly get their clothes off. Austin sucks Cainís thick uncut cock. Cain pulls Austinís hair back and skullfucks him. He flips Austin onto his back and spits on his hole, then eats it out.
Austin grunts with pleasure. I can see already he likes having someone as dominant as Cain - and Cain likes having someone he doesnít have to take it easy with! I just like seeing all this thick muscle going at it with such animal passion.
After making sure Austinís tight hole is ready for him, Cain lubes up and teases Austinís hole. He sucks on Austinís toe as he stealthily slides his huge cock in Austinís hole a little farther. Austinís groan of excitement turns Cain on even more. He shoves his dick hard into Austinís ass.
When Austin looks up at Cain, heís got a hunger in his eyes. He wants all of that dick! So Cain jams it inside of him with hard, sharp thrusts. Austin moans with pleasure. Cain jackhammers Austinís ass. Bending Austinís legs up over his head, Cain manages to plunge his cock even deeper inside.
Cain flips Austin flat onto his stomach and pounds away. ďYouíre my little bitch,Ē he tells Austin. Austin is damn happy about that right now. No wonder Cainís chest and arms are so pumped - he stays in a pushup position as he drills Austin for nearly a minute.
Cain pulls Austin up on his hands and knees and fucks him doggy-style. Austin tells him how much he likes that cock in his ass. He yells as huge streams of cum spurt like a fountain from his cock. He tells Cain not to stop fucking him.
He doesnít - but Austinís hot ass is wrapped tightly around Cainís dick and he canít hold back for long! He shoots his own thick load all over Austinís cheeks. Cain even rubs the cum on that bubble butt with his cockhead, marking his territory.
Cain says heís going to clean Austin up so they head for the shower. Austin rubs Cainís wet, thick pecs and then Cain soaps him up. They talk about how fun it was. Cain tells Austinís one of the legends here. Austin remarks that Cain is still hard. Cain says he always is when heís at CF. Austin is still pretty stiff himself. I guess we ARE providing a good education for these guys!

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