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Newcomer Scott & Tanner - Bareback

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Newcomer Scott & Tanner - Bareback 2015
HAIRY, SOLO-SKIPPING SEAN CODY NEWBIE SCOTT SLAM-FUCKS TANNER Man-on-man virgin Scott becomes the second Sean Cody model in recent weeks to skip past the solo* and dive into the deep end of full fucking. Wisely, Cody enlists ace super performer Tanner to ease the hairy muscle boy into the scene. While Scott doesnt have a huge dick, the one hes got has that thick vein in the middle, which is terrific for filming penetration in porn. Whether or not this is the first time Scott has fucked a guy, its surely not his first time doing anal. He has the rhythm down. What he does not have down is the emotion; Scotts way too quiet. Experience should change that, of course. Nevertheless, Tanner did a lot of the work here until we got to missionary, where Scott excelled, easily fucking the cum out of Tanner then cumming himself a bit later. Both tasted Scotts cum. Youll notice though that I didnt break the scene down in two parts as usual. Thats because it was really just one part and at only about 15 minutes of actual action, the scene itself is very, very short with only one cumshot each. So an ok debut for Scott, but one that proves that solos really do help the guys acclimate. On the other hand, maybe Cody was worried that if he did a solo, hed get terrified and never come back. Behind-the-Scenes: Dull. Deadly. As in: Exchanging workout routines. *Donny was the first in mid-July. Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshots, Hairy, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles

Duration: 20m:27s

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