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Cut to the Chase: Dario Beck & Jed Athens

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Cut to the Chase: Dario Beck & Jed Athens
Dario Beck gets a special offer from garage sale stud Jed Athensan early-bird look at more loot in the house. Hes soon staring at Jeds boner, whipping out his own slab as they stroke. The tension builds as Jeds steel shaft throbs. Jed falls to his kneesstroking Darios rod before engulfing it. He goes deep, repeatedly tugging on Darios fleshy foreskin with his lips. Jeds cock pulses as he gets face fucked, their two big boners in the frame. They stand, staring as their cocks slide against each other. Dario sucks the stranger back, Jeds wet rod glistening. He pins Dario against the wall, spreading and licking his furry cheeks before burying his scruffy face inside. Jed fucks Dario from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as Jed reaches around to stroke him. Darios boner bounces as he rides (There you go! moans Jed), the bottom dumping a heavy load that slides down his own legJed then shooting on Darios thick meat.

Duration: 39m:32s

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