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SeanCody - Jess & Deacon - Bareback

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SeanCody - Jess & Deacon - Bareback
Duration: 33:31 mins.
Description: Brown-haired and attractive Deacon cant wait to meet his sex partner (Jess)! Our toned and tall bottom doesnt know whos topping him and so, he partakes in a cock sucking guessing game. First, Deacon is handed a few pictures of the possible candidates and their dicks beforehand. Then, he gets on his knees and starts sucking dick so he can figure out who it belongs to. This is cut and hes got some nice balls and a very straight shaft. Legs long and slender. This is either Sean or Jess! says Deacon as he starts deep-throating. Thats a big dick and I think I need to feel it in my ass, continues Deacon as he drops his briefs and gets into doggy-style position. I think its Jess; its so big! exclaims Deacon. Dark-haired Jess then reveals himself as he continues to pound Deacons ass, flipping him over to continue missionary style and letting his creamy load blow.
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