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Trenton Ducati & Rafael Carreras 2012 - condom

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Trenton Ducati & Rafael Carreras 2012
Pure Sex, Scene 4: Trenton Ducati & Rafael Carreras Muscle, muscle and more muscle immediately fills your screen as the built bods of Trenton Ducati and Rafael Carreras come into view. Trenton takes to his knees to engulf Rafaels long, massive dick with his ready and willing mouth. Noticing the double-wide cock throbbing between Trentons legs (how could anyone miss it), Rafael replies with his own master class in cocksucking. Trenton wants more, and he bends over the fuck table and lets Rafael survey two hard, round ass cheeks with a tasty center. Rafael doesnt waste any time before he darts his tongue I and out of Trentons bulls eye. The tables turn and Rafael is on all fours taking Trentons wide trunk with a solid muscle body behind each stroke. Rafaels ten-plus inches seem to get harder with every jab of Trentons huge cock. Another role reversal has Trenton riding reverse cowboy on one of the biggest cocks in porn. The big, beefy, versatile Trenton bounces and Rafael thrusts it up into him providing a spectacular view that is sure to leave you weak in the knees. With Trenton on his back, hole spread as wide as it will go, Rafael slams every inch in to hit Trentons spot until he shoots out a hefty load and Rafael follows with two massive squirts of jizz.

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