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Hunter & Porter: Bareback ....

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Hunter & Porter: Bareback
We decided to bring Hunter and Porter to the nude beach so they could get to know each other. Porter got pretty horny when Hunter took his sweet time lathering on the sunscreen on his back and butt cheeks. There was no stopping them once they got back to the house. Hunter couldnt get enough of Porter's sweet hole as he called it. We found out, to everyones amusement that Hunter loves to eat an ass mid-fucking. He loves to stop and give that hole a good licking before carrying on. Even while they were relaxing in the pool, Hunter kept begging Porter for some good ole dick sucking and ass fucking. Porter was more than happy to oblige. Hunter ate up every last drop of his creampie into Porters ass when he was done. The perfect dessert!

Duration: 22m:05s

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