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Donny & Joey - Bareback

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Donny & Joey - Bareback
Blond cutie Donny is back after a bit of an absence, and boy have we missed him and his huge cock! Joey was lucky enough to get paired with him and was really excited to get that long rod inside of him. I want that cock! Donny gave him a hunters look, Yeah? Im gonna give it to you. Youre gonna get it, youre gonna get it good! Joeys anticipation continued, I cant wait! In the car on the way back to the house, Joey couldnt contain himself. He had to see what hed be working with. I got a little sneak peek outside, it looks big! Is it really big? He checked it out, and was pleasantly shocked. Donny smiled humbly, but he knew hed give Joey the ride of his life. This will be fun!

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