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Newcomer Rowan & Forrest: Bareback

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Newcomer Rowan & Forrest: Bareback
ROWAN BAKES A CREAMPIE ON HIS FIRST TRY! Black-haired Rowan joins a growing list of Sean Cody guys who skip solos and go right to the (bareback) action. In fact, the rookie does pretty much everything except bottom* here in his first go-round. In their first position, Rowan fucks Forrest missionary, but its kinda slow going. Theres an overhead shot that feels more like a proctology exam than porn. Then I realize something I would have paid more attention to had he done a solo: Rowan has a really big dick. Eventually, the pace picks up to the point where Forrest rides that big cock like a motherfucker. On the other side, Rowan looks overwhelmed with . . . something. After a cut, Rowan manages to baste Forrests considerable butthole with cum by shooting deep inside him in Part 1, earning the newbie a creampie baking on his first try. Part 2 is doggy, but not before Rowan thoroughly eats out Forrest. He then thrashes Forrest. At the end, theres no creampie this time; instead, a pullout & shoot and a stuff back in. Even if it wasnt said on camera, I know well be seeing a lot more of Rowan. While he has to get better at learning where the camera is, dude can fuck. Interview Insight: The guys unabashedly admit fucking the night before. Has that ever happened before?** *Rowan promises at the end that he will get fucked soon, describing exactly the size cock he wants to start with. **The admission, not the sex.

Duration: 34m:10s

Tags: Bareback, Beefy, Blowjob, Creampie (Internal cumshot), Muscles, Rimming
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