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Brodie & Blake = Bareback

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Brodie & Blake = Bareback
DRILL, BABY, DRILL: BRODIE RETURNS TO CODY The grand master fucker is back on Sean Cody! Yes, today, after a 2? year absence, Brodie is back on Cody to fuck the living daylights out of Blake. We all know Brodie likes it hard and deep, but I dont think even he expected the drilling he got from Brodie. Truth be told, as soon as I saw Brodie was back, I got nervous since weve had a number of uneventful comebacks in Codys history. But I neednt have worried; he did a fine to pretty great job. He has lost that boyishness that he once had and his body, while bigger than ever, is not as toned as it once was. But that broad smile, that respectful and polite manner: That was all there. And so were his fucking skills. Call me relieved, surprised and happy Brodie is back. P.S. That 3 star rating is more like 3?. But not quite 4. Not yet.

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