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Benjamin Dover Pumps Ari Full Of His Bareback Cock - Bareback

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Benjamin Dover Pumps Ari Full Of His Bareback Cock
Benjamin Dover and Ari Nucci have had a chance to get to know each other during their stay at the house, but theyre about to get a lot closer as they move toward each other, locking lips and making out. Ben kisses his way down Aris body until he reaches that big cock, freeing it from Aris pants and pulling it into his mouth as he sucks and slurps on that fat dick. When Aris dick is good and hard Ben kneels over his mouth and puts his thick prick in it, face fucking Ari as he reaches around and fingers Aris tight hole, getting that ass warmed up so that when he gets up and stands behind him, he can slide his hard shaft deep into Aris hole. Ben pumps Ari full of his bareback cock, pounding him hard as Ari moans for more and backs his ass up to get that cock deeper. They flip and Ari tops Ben, getting him onto his back and dominating that ass, fucking Ben harder and faster, getting balls deep in Bens hole as Ben reaches around to play with his own cock. Ben gets on his knees on the bed, leaning forward as Ari holds Bens hands behind his back and pounds him raw as he slaps Bens ass. Ben jerks his cock and cums into his hand, reaching around to slather that jizz all over Aris cock who puts it back into Bens ass and fucks him with it until hes ready to bust, pulling out and shooting his load across Bens back!

Duration: 21m:22s
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