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Do You Ever Mess With Guys

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Do You Ever Mess With Guys
Whats a dude to do when he cant find any pussy? Sometimes you go for the next best thing. After having a few shots with his buddies muscle jock Tomas Salek is more than happy to settle for Jace Reeds big cock. Whats the difference between a straight guy and gay guy? The usual answer is a six-pack. Well in the case of our favorite muscle stud, Tomas Salek, its three shots of whiskey. And we all know when these supposedly straight dudes decide to finally play with another guy, theyre usually the ones who want to get fucked. Jace Reed is working behind in an empty bar when Tomas Salek, Jamie Oliver, David, and Alex Vichner walk in for a few drinks. These guys are horned up looking to get laid. After Jace pours them a shot, the guys ask him if there are any girls around. Jace responds by saying its a slow night before pouring them another round. Since there arent any chicks there, Jamie and Alex to go elsewhere looking for snatch while David sticks around to have some more shots with Tomas. Eventually, David falls asleep at the bar while Tomas begins striking up a conversation with Jace. The friendly bartender compliments Tomas on his hot body and asks him about his workout habits. Jaces infatuation with Tomass muscles eventually compels him to walk out from behind the bar where he starts to play with Tomass ripped arms and rub his rock hard pecs through a thin white tank top. After getting this close its obvious that Jace is trying to get Tomas to fool around. He asks Tomas is he ever thought about messing with a guy. At first, Tomas shakes his head and says no. But Jace tells Tomas he just hasnt met the right one and continues to rub Tomass torso. He can only resist Jaces advances for so long and they start kissing as Jaces hands make their way down to Tomass zipper where he releases his hard cock through his cutoff shorts. Jace gives Tomas some good head while licking his hard abs too. Tomas ends up naked on his barstool while Jace continues to blow him and admire his body. They stop for some deep kisses. Jace is determined to take this further, and they go to the opposite wall where Jace takes out his own massive eight-inch member. Tomas gets on his knees to take this large cock in his mouth. Even though he strains a little bit, Tomas blows Jace like a pro. You would think Tomas has gone a bit further with guys than hes let on, and Jace even says so while letting Tomas come up for air. Youll enjoy watching this segment because Jace gently wraps his suspenders around Tomass neck to guide his mouth up and down his big dick. And we all know that when the so-called straight guys play with other dudes, they like to be passive. During the whole blowjob exchange, Tomass friend, David is still passed out with his head down on the bar. However, Tomas puts his arms on Davids barstool and props his left leg up on the footrest so Jace can fuck him from behind. After easily inserting his massive schlong Tomas's ass Jace starts to pound him. At this point, Tomas had done a total 180 because hes gone from saying hes never messed with guys to being an insatiable bottom. Jace tells Tomas to get on the floor. Tomas gladly follows his lead as he lays down on his side to continue taking Jaces dick from behind. You get a really great glimpse of Tomass furry hole being plowed by Jace's pole from this angle. By this time Tomas is gently moaning with pleasure. During this hot encounter, Jace has been the one in charge. He continues the active role by telling Tomas to get up. They switch to reverse cowboy position so Tomas can impale himself on Jaces massive rod. The pace gets faster and faster and Tomas is whipped into a frenzy from all this fucking. He starts stroking harder and harder until he blows his load on his leg and balls. Jace can obviously feel Tomas having an orgasm because his dick is still inside his ass while Tomas cums. Its now Jace's turn to get off, and Tomas gets down on his knees to take Jaces jizz in mouth. If you thought his dick was impressive, just wait until you see this cum shot. Even though he was aiming for Tomass mouth, Jace shoots a few spurts of cum over Tomass head. That still doesnt stop Tomas from taking some cum on his face and in his mouth. He also gives Jace a good cleanup job. During this whole scene, weve almost forgotten about Tomass friend David. Well, just imagine what happens when he finally wakes up from his drunken stupor to see his straight buddy taking cum from a massive cock! At first, it was like he didnt know what was going on, but it didnt take too long to figure it out. Its pretty hilarious to see him walk out of the bar with that kind of WTF brah look on his face.

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