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Sean & Graham - Bareback Ѿ

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Sean & Graham - Bareback 2015

We didnt tell Graham whom he was going to be doing a film with, so when he showed up on set he saw Sean and started laughing. Ive seen that thing! Im not sure I can take that! Graham was talking about Seans massive dick. These two had a great time on set and really pushed Grahams limits. It was awesome. I think it may be the best sex I have ever had. Are you serious? Graham wasnt kidding. Ive never had anyone shove a jock in my face while they fuck me or slap my face with my own load. Yeah that was by far the best sex I have ever had! Sean came back this time with a full chest of hair. I usually shave it off. Im getting mixed reviews. I might keep it. I might get rid of it. Who knows? Hopefully Sean keeps it, because he looks great with a hairy chest. A we-had-to-see-this-coming pairing of Sean & Graham is this weekends bareback update on Sean Cody. Physically, its a great matchup. And based on the easy rapport during the opening interview, the two seemed to get along just fine too. Graham is told by our cameraman that he looks manly in his jockstrap. Ever ready to quip, he of course quips: Manly bottom goes wild in bathroom sex scene. This provides a laugh, as well as a headline, for which I am instantly grateful to Manly G. Sean, on the other hand, pulls up his shirt to reveal a newly-hairy chest which I have to say falls just shy of spectacular. A little more and he will look awesome. Part 1 is Sean fucking the jockstrap-clad Graham against the bathroom sink while Graham watches in the mirror. As usual, Sean works hard for his Cody money, pounding Graham with his big stick. Graham at first seems unimpressed by his assful, but a few pumps and pushdowns later, he feels the burn. Sean takes off the jock and jams it into Grahams mouth. Its a noble attempt by our Cody crew to rough shit up, but instead it looks kinda . . . silly. Luckily, its discarded quickly. Sean then pumps a bit, pulls out and explodes on Graham, who then takes the big dick from his ass to his mouth. Meanwhile, Graham has apparently shot his wad, too, but the camera angle and the muffled sound make it hard to tell what happened and whos talking. Part 2 is a ride and the a glide on the edge of the tub. Graham knows how to ride a cock and Sean can easily fuck in this difficult position, but its still hard for the camera to catch the actual penetration until the camera drops to the floor (though the shot is brief). Overhead shots arent any better, so we move quickly to missionary, which affords both terrific floor and overhead shots. Here, the hairless Graham and the newly-furred Sean look striking together. Graham cums easily with Sean in him. Sean scoops and feeds, slaps, then snowballs Manly G. Sean goes for the kill with his load, forcefully making Graham suck his dick, then holding him by the throat against the tub steps as he unloads all over Grahams mouth and face. Beautiful. In sum, Sean and Graham are indeed a good matchup, despite not being as wild as Graham promised at the start. That and a other few missteps here and there take it out of the 5★ range, but still, this one works. Behind-the-Scenes: Sean hates the itchiness of his hairy chest. Graham reveals a giant handprint and a bit of bruising on his butt from Seans hard smack. No one, least of all Manly G., is phased by this.

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